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Northern Gauteng Birding Bliss

Northern Gauteng Birding Bliss A Birding Day Tour Report From Zaagkuilsdrift, Kgomo-Kgomo Wetlands & Mongena Private Game Reserve Total Species Count: 167 Bird Of The Day: Mellanistic Gabar Goshawk Highlights: Water Thick-Knee, Wahlberg's Eagle, Ashy Tit, Icterine Warbler, Abdim's Stork, Common House Martin, Lesser Honeyguide, Marico Sunbird, Lesser Masked Weaver, Purple Roller, Great Sparrow, Goliath Heron Locations: Zaagkuilsdrift, Kgomo-Kgomo & Mongena

Northern Gauteng Birding Bliss2023-10-06T10:48:03+00:00

Three Tails In A Tree

When Lions Steal A Leopard's Kill We left the lodge, just as the birds were warming up to the dawn chorus. It was mid-June and the winter air was cold, but not cold enough to stop us from going out and experiencing all that the African bush has to offer. 

Three Tails In A Tree2023-10-06T10:45:14+00:00