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Small Group Photo Safaris In South Africa

There is no better way to explore South Africa than on a Wildlife Photo Safari. It’s the only country in Africa where you can photograph Penguins and Lions on the same trip and where spotting a Leopard in a tree isn’t as hard as everyone makes it out to be. Our photo safaris take you to all the best wilderness areas the country has to offer. From the Kruger National Park in the east to West Coast National Park in the west, we know the best sites with the most spectacular wildlife encounters for the ultimate photographic opportunities.

You can join any one of our photo safaris in South Africa and be guaranteed a more than memorable adventure. Join us as we don’t just take you on a safari to take photos of wildlife, but to create memories that will last you a lifetime. The photos that go with the memories are just an added bonus.


Wildlife Photo Safaris & Birding

Experience Africa by boat, foot and vehicle as we spend 5 days/4 nights in an untouched part of South Africa.

5 Days/4 Nights

6 – Guests

Gauteng, South Africa

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Our travel experts have an intricate knowledge of Africa and all she offers. So whether you want to go photograph Okapi in the DRC or Pygmy Hippo in the Ivory Coast, or simply want a custom itinerary for Kruger National Park, we’re the specialists for you. We’re based in South Africa but have over a decade of experience exploring the entire continent. So join us on a photo safari in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe or anywhere else you want to go. Simply send us an email, or fill in the contact form below.

Photo Safaris In South Africa
Photo Safaris In South Africa
Photo Safaris In South Africa