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We are serious when we say that “we don’t just take photos, we create memories”. So join us as we follow a pack of Wild Dogs hunting a Kudu in the Botswana wilderness, or sit and stare at a lazily perched Leopard in a Marula tree in the Sabi Sands. From Kruger to the Kalahari and Etosha to the Okavango Delta, our wildlife photo safaris allow you to create memories that will last a lifetime, not only through your lens but by the stories you’ll tell.

As Wildlife Photo Safari specialists, we have over a decade of African travel experience, and we’ve seen it all. From large commercial safari operators to small intimate private safari lodges. So what do we do with all this experience? We build wildlife photography safari packages that are intimate, private and catered to you, the guest. We focus on small group safaris (4 – 6 guests) to ensure a fully immersive and memorable African Safari experience. No sharing it with large groups of people, no competing for the best photo angle, just pure African safari bliss.


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We regularly post wildlife encounters, gear reviews and photography tips, tricks and tutorials catered for the wildlife photographer on our YouTube Channel “SafariWian”. Enjoy the content and improve your photography knowledge and skills before your next photo safari.

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Our travel experts have an intricate knowledge of Africa and all she offers. So whether you want to go photograph Okapi in the DRC or Pygmy Hippo in the Ivory Coast, or simply want a custom itinerary for Kruger National Park, we’re the specialists for you. Simply send us an email, or fill in the contact form below.

Wildlife Photo Safaris
Wildlife Photo Safaris
Wildlife Photo Safaris