I recently posted my first vlog (video blog) as “SafariWian” and I thought I should give some context around what my goal is behind these “guided vlogs”.

Before I carry on, have a quick look at the vlog. It’s a guided vlog on the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens in Cape Town, South Africa.

As a professionally qualified tour guide I take clients to some of the most amazing places all over the World, but I’ve always found myself limited in the impact that I get to make as I can only focus on small groups of people at one time. That’s when the SafariWian brand and idea was born. I figured out a way to use my knowledge and skills to reach and impact a greater variety and number of people, sharing with them these wonderful destinations and adding value by providing context on these destinations and activities.

Vlogging has become more and more popular in recent years and there are a lot of “vloggers” out there sharing their daily lives and experiences via the internet (mostly on YouTube). I enjoy watching certain vloggers and I love how it’s given people the opportunity to share their voice in a visual way.

As I sat one afternoon watching one of my favourite vloggers I realised that majority of vloggers out there share their personal lives and experiences, often, in quite a selfish way and even though it’s extremely interesting I thought to myself how does this add value to society? Now don’t get me wrong, I know that a lot of vloggers give back to the community, especially influencers, by donating to charities and in various other ways and I am in no way taking that away from them. My main thought was that, how is what I was watching right now adding value to my own personal life as someone who is a part of society?

As this thought dawned upon me I realised that I wanted to start providing people with free and great content that would add value to their lives when they watch my vlogs and or read my articles. I asked myself: “what do I have to offer?” and “what can I talk/vlog/write about that would add value to people’s lives?”. I sat with this thought for a while and then realised that I can use my skills as a professional guide and my passion for travel and people to share how people can travel by themselves.

We live in an age where it’s getting easier and easier to cut out the middleman and one doesn’t really need a tour guide/company to travel to most places. It is because of this that I started SafariWian and what it stands for.

So when you watch my vlogs, read my articles or catch me on social media see me as your own personal virtual tour guide. Pop me a question about a specific place, a specific subject in the vlog and feel free to ask about anything that I may not have elaborated enough on or maybe haven’t even mentioned at all.

I’m here to help you travel your way.