We Are Becoming Mr. & Mrs. Van Zyl


Bride & Groom

My Liefste, you asked me to write a love letter to you or what you mean to me… But so many things come to mind.

As I sit here looking at this photo of you, I realized that at that exact moment, you were looking at me.

Tears fill my eyes because I flashback to our photoshoot, and remember how you made me feel at that moment.
I’m not sure if I can describe that feeling very well, but here goes nothing.

” When he looks at me, it’s like I’m the purpose he’d been looking for all his life. Like all the beauty that resides in my eyes. Like I was the answer to everything.

He speaks a thousand words, just standing across from me as he stares, while our lips practice the art of being mute, speech impaired, as we silently admire one another.

There’s this sparkle in his eyes, that makes the sky filled with a million stars fade away too… And I always know exactly what he is trying to say, so I just softly whisper:” My Liefie, I love you too!”

As I sit here, writing this, I realize that we have a little over 100 days left until I get to call you my wife and forever best friend! It’s crazy to think that the weekend was nearly 4 years ago! And man we’ve come a long way since then!

We’ve had ups, we’ve had downs and we’ve had in-betweens, but through it all, we had each other!!

My mooiste,

I love the idea of calling you my wife. The idea of calling you my forever best friend

When we met each other we both had our pasts and parts of our hearts needed to mend

But through it all God had a plan

And all I can say is just “man oh man!”

To say I’m the luckiest man alive is an understatement

And whether or not you like it, you said yes at our engagement…

I don’t have enough words in my vocabulary to tell you how much I love you

So I promise that every day I will wake up and show you

I know God has great plans for our life and our marriage

But let’s maybe just wait a year or two for that baby in a golden carriage

Thank you for all the love

Thank you for all the patience

But most of all, thank you for choosing me each and every single day, my liefie!

I love you like crazy my Choppie! And I can’t wait to call you my wife and forever best friend!





Guests can arrive at Harmonie Proteas from 14:30. There is ample of parking at the venue itself, so no need to fight for a good spot.

We kindly ask all guests to be seated by 15:15 to be ready to receive the bride by 15:30

Canapés will be served with some live music as the bride and groom set off for a quick photoshoot

Guests are welcome to start entering the reception hall just before the bride and groom return from their shoot


The venue will run a cash bar, so please remember to bring cash along (PS – By cash, we mean ACTUAL CASH as the card facilities are sometimes a little iffy due to the remoteness of the venue!)

Any guests overnighting at the venue are welcome to join us in the accommodation quart yard for a bonfire after-party



We want you to be able to dance, have fun and enjoy this celebration with us. And staying true to our roots, we want to be comfortable whilst doing so. That’s why we’re having a Vellies-themed wedding. So dress up in a semi-formal fashion, but make sure you don’t forget your vellies.

Any vellies will work. From your worn-in “Plaasvellies” to fancy Sapmok Vellies, we just want you to wear a pair of Vellies.

We arranged for a 10% discount with the Vellie Boutique, in Boksburg. So if you’re looking for a new pair of vellies use this promo code VZ-Troue (use exactly like that) to get your discount. Browse their range here: https://www.vellieboutique.co.za/ 


We decided not to make a traditional gift registry,

And know it’s quite unconventional.

But if you feel like blessing us with a gift is necessary,

We promise we’ll use it for something exceptional.

So whether it’s a heartfelt personal gift,

Or a financial contribution to our home.

We know that it will make a shift,

In our hearts and in Jerry, our not yet garden Noam.


We truly appreciate that you might be considering blessing us with a gift for our special day. So first of all thank you. And if you’re wondering what to get us, a financial contribution towards our new home would be greatly appreciated. We know it feels impersonal, but it will truly help us. And if you feel like you want to bless us with a physical gift or something sentimental, we’ll be happy with anything you feel might suit us.



There are multiple accommodation options to choose from. The venue itself hosts various options for couples, families, and even guests on a budget. The accommodation at the venue is limited though, so we suggest booking as soon as possible. Various other guesthouses and AirBnB options in and around the area offer convenient and affordable accommodation a stone’s throw away from the venue itself.


Family Rooms – R 1 500.00/room/night (Queen size bed & bunker bed (2 x single beds) with en-suite bathroom)

Couple’s Rooms – R 900.00/room/night (Queen size bed with en-suite bathroom)

Couple’s Dorm – R 250.00/pp/night (Queen size bed – NOTE: Ablution facilities outside the room. Own linen to be provided by the guest)

Bunker Dorm – R 250.00/pp/night (2x Bunker Beds – NOTE: Ablution facilities outside the room. Own linen to be provided by the guest)


Website: www.harmonieproteas.co.za 

Call: 082 372 1808

Email: info@harmonieproteas.co.za 


Die Plaashuis Gastehuis – 1km from the venue

Website: https://dieplaashuis1001.wixsite.com/home

Call: 079 7637 402 (Sandra)

Email: sandravan.staden@yahoo.co.uk

Cullinan Diamond Lodge – 14.8 km from the venue

Website: https://cullinandiamondlodge.co.za/

Call: 012 734 2255 or  078 964 6550

Email: info@cullinandiamondlodge.co.za

The Cullinan Inn – 14.8 km from the venue

Website: https://the-cullinan-inn.business.site/

Call:012 734 1810

Email: info@cullinandiamondlodge.co.za

Dolphin Whisper Guesthouse – 14.5 km from the venue

Call: 012 734 2463

Airbnb Options In the Area:

Search Link: https://airbnb.co.za/cullinan/stays