What Do I Mean By That?

We all reach a point where we’ve had enough. We’ve had enough of our own homes, we’ve had enough with the people around us (but we still like them though), we’ve had enough with the daily routine of waking up, making coffee, going to work (making more coffee), going home (making coffee yet again) and watching Netflix; just to have it start all over again the next day and again the day after that.

2018 was an extremely busy year for me (like pretty much everyone else’s 2018) with a lot of challenges and growth in many areas, and not a lot of rest. I kicked off 2019 feeling tired, with no drive and no motivation, and only one week in it hit me, I needed some adventure in my life! I needed to get away! 

With the Airbnb booking sorted, George punched into Google Maps and Hilda (my Honda Civic) fuelled and ready to go, we were ready for adventure! We left Saturday morning at 05:00, starting a “mini-adventure” that would have an impact greater than I could’ve expected. The drive started with some coffee and a packed breakfast, a lot of singing, interesting conversation and excitement. But as Cayla (my girlfriend) leant back and fell asleep in the passenger seat I was left with 2 hours of driving and getting lost in my own thoughts. At first, my thoughts were work-related then they eventually moved to “SafariWian”, thinking about this blog and what I can do to better grow my brand, add value that you will appreciate and offer something that can truly make a difference, then it drifted more to what I call my “nothing box”, which is where I go when I get into proper relax mode. 

I’m not going to bore you with what we did and what I had for lunch. This short, first-ever, blog post of mine is more about what it means to rest and to tell you that YOU DESERVE A BREAK.  When I say break I don’t mean sleeping for 13 hours, unless that’s really something you love and it fills your  “tank”. I mean resting from your day to day life, getting away from the routine, changing your scenery and enjoying the moment 

People today are caught in the “Hustle Culture”, and I’m not saying it’s a bad thing! But rest is just as important as hustling. And I believe that there is no point in hustling your ass off if you can’t take a moment to reflect on and enjoy what it is you’re doing and working towards. Success isn’t about the money, we as a society need to stop defining success as being a millionaire! We should focus more on our own happiness and doing what makes us happy than focusing on what society says will make us happy or socially acceptable. Take everyone and all their opinions away, what are you left with? You! So chase your own happiness!

So I encourage you, take this weekend, go do something outrageously cool, something completely different and something that’s essentially a “spur-of-the-moment” thing. Climb a mountain, take an 8-hour walk down the beach, drive somewhere for five hours just to come back the next day, hell, anything! Just do it! 

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