When one thinks “Zambia”, you think of the mighty Zambezi River and Dr. David Livingstone discovering Victoria Falls. You think of the Tiger Fishing and the herds of African Elephant drinking out of the river. You think of the territorial hippos that share the water with 12 ft Nile Crocodiles.

Zambia is where you go when you want to experience real raw Africa. The Victoria Falls alone are reason enough to entice you to visit this beautiful country. But there is so much more she has to offer.

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I know how challenging it can be to figure out what to do and where to go when you’re looking at booking a truly African Safari experience. Deciding where to go on Safari, who you can trust, and whether you’ll truly get what you pay for all adds to the uncertainty.

With a decade of African travel experience in my pocket, I would be happy to help you figure out what it is you’re looking for and what Safari experience suits you best.

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